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The Seaview O'City Hotel Shenzhen (Shenzhen Haijing Aositing Jiudian) faces picturesque Shenzhen Bay and is close to many of Shenzhen's sights,  including the Splendid China Folk Culture Village,  Happy Valley and Window of the World theme parks. The Seaview is about 15 to 20 minutes from Shenzhen Airport,  Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station and the ferry pier.

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住客评论 5828条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • davy_dyw
    Haha haaiha Ah good good capital
  • louwu
    Well, live many times, elegant environment and convenient transportation.
  • fffsss
    Also, convenient, gym, breakfast many people
  • JamWnJ
    Can yo
  • Cantonese
    All worthy of the price. Once upon a time lived in the old building, the new building is also good, Oct environment pleasant, hotel is the Metro and convenient. health hotel, facilities were good ... recommended.
  • e00094582
    Hotel location is very good, cost-effective high. breakfast crowded. very busy hotel, hotel has been in a decade.
  • bestross
    Good location and nice surroundings, convenient facilities are a little old, but clean, breakfast very rich
  • ryw_sgm
    Colleagues on a business trip to Shenzhen ~ environment preferred transport easier.
  • e00657799
    Clean and sanitary
  • fxxin2615
    That's no problem
  • cy2jg
    As always, good
  • pennyfpy
    Stay for six nights, hotel very convenient location but room is very small, a family of three feels squeezed, not early dining was good very good
    Hotel location is very good, but room a bit old and aging facilities, air conditioning is not good, still have a desktop computer, in General, felt wasted good position.
  • Mr.RUAN
    Comfortable and less tea places around
  • langel2002
    Lived in sea view room, 16/f, splendid China and window of the world from the window at a glance-. interior decoration of the room although a bit older, but still very clean and well protected. equipment is intimate, service was good.
  • mlaorrj
    From airport taxi to hotel probably 30-40 minutes, around environment is beauty, out is Metro station, traffic also is convenient, hotel back also has a article small of street and 7-11, go 5 minutes has a Wal-Mart, very convenience. hotel facilities also is compared new, but we live of room encountered has basin and toilet of problem, last two days of WiFi also appeared has fault, hope hotel can be improved. breakfast is delicious, in the Western are is rich, eat of isComfortable. the staff are very friendly and do their utmost to provide help, feeling very warm, thank you
  • ada66
    Personally think the Nice, out on the subway. but the carpet is a little dirty
  • lx301
    Hotel by at of location for tourists for very good, hotel door is Metro station, road opposite is world of window, Fairview Chinese and folk village attractions. Hotel behind close to street, authentic of Sichuan, Shaanxi dish, Northeast dish, Hunan Cantonese and Korea dish, Japan dish, Western are has. next also has Wal-Mart supermarket, is convenient. hotel breakfast content also is rich, is people more seat less, may to spell table. hotel facilities good, service attitude good, health good, environment good, greenMany plants.
  • cocolin1227
    More than 10 days, best places to live. rooms are large and quiet, and on-demand movies. Hunan are not providing disposable toiletries, but it offers. service is really attentive. next time you have the opportunity to stay here.
  • foreveramoretto
    This is I often go to the hotel, very good, Zambia
  • gaoang
    Good location, several times, that's good.
  • satellite333
    Seaview OCT is a fabulous hotel at a great price. A five star hotel that is on par with other five star hotels at half the cost. Service is great, rooms clean, centrally located and service is certainly five star.I highly recommend this hotel for the business traveller and the casual vacationer.
  • e01612246
    Hotel good. room facilities were very new. it's just breakfast, more varieties, to accommodate more people. Good location, very close to the many attractions, hotels, fine, strong flavour is the hotel lobby.
  • Prodigal Eagle ¥ ¥
    Nice very nice facility general economic utility
  • samexcellent
    It wasn't too bad
  • cyx7892
    Every time I go to Shenzhen will stay at the hotel, breakfast symplectic ramen will eat all the time. The ointment was more in team travel, be sure to go early for breakfast, or even the food is gone.
  • DD alalei
    Very good, very good
  • flyingbird528
    Clean, comfortable! nice! opposite the hotel is splendid China, away from the Windows of subway station in the world. in Oct Metro opposite. Food Court behind the hotel, there is a Korean fire.
  • BabyDiana415
    Hotel breakfast, hardware and software are good.
  • lulu_red
    Good location, nice surroundings. Korea colleague specifies this, seems to be a lot of Korea will choose this hotel ... very close to the Metro, a taxi is also very convenient.
  • pdgcs2008
    Transportation is convenient, rooms of the new building, surrounded by the food court, it will.
    Environment is very good, next time you have the opportunity to go live.
  • awmwamwwmmc
    Hotel good location, Metro station is at the door, opposite the splendid China folk culture village, followed by street, room good. Unfortunately East Wing room carpets dirty, bed is soft.
  • e00041671
    It wasn't too bad.
  • e01160553
    Overall satisfaction, health, services, security is good, from the window of the world, folk village, Happy Valley is very close to hotel is 1 minute subway station to airport very fast. insufficient places room WiFi is unstable, a plug without a bed, mobile phone charging is not easy.
    Good location, in the Oct, breakfast, facilities slightly old.
  • ewing2000
    Convenient old guest
    High-end atmosphere on the grade
  • EmonWang
    Convenient environment very quiet ... room was small, but very clean and tidy.
  • jeller888
    Live in the annex building, felt the environment was not very good.
  • allenxuli
    Nice, Windows on the world and jinxiu Zhonghua, convenience, out the door is the subway.
  • e02433344
    Facility is a little old, other very satisfied with service.
  • butter_cupsy
    Taiwan friends booking business travel to the science and Technology Park, Nanshan District hotels, feedback was good, room clean and tidy. next time you have the opportunity to experience it.
  • tianxing6973
    Convenient hotel is the Metro station, is the National Park across the street, was satisfied.
  • jdcoolboy
    Good hotel, convenient, clean mouth.
  • tallboy
    Old facilities, the surrounding environment, convenient dining.
  • Celine.
    this is your nice business hotel. close to many tourist attractions. not exactly a 5 star hotel but clean and rooms are decent sized. close to a Walmart if you have never seen what one looks like in China . :)
  • mwd7862
    A very good environment! especially the environment! this order is expensive, may be what causes!
  • manmanll
    Recommended for everyone!
  • Jarod.Li
    Behind the hotel there are many food. others are good, only downside is still needed to improve health, when finding the bathroom there are a lot of hair.